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Coming soon to Don’t Starve Together!

Hey Everybody.

Things have been a bit quiet around here after The Gorge so that we can regroup, prioritize and start on upcoming content for Don’t Starve Together. A big thanks to our community for your patience while we worked everything out. We saw posts for those wondering what we’re up to next, suggestions and feedback as well as those of you who ensured others that we would update you all when we had more info.

Some games are calling their yearly content schedule “Seasons” – if we were doing so, we’re officially kicking off “Season 3”. We haven’t put a cool marketing name on events yet because we’re still building upon what that even means.

Just like last year, this next year will build upon existing content even more than the year before.

I have a lot of information for you today about a lot of different things –  so let’s get to it.

Klei Accounts: 

We have created a new page where players can view their Klei Account information. Right now the functionality is limited to a few things such as changing your email or server setup, but we’ll be adding more functionality to allow you greater control over your Klei Account.

Twitch Drops:

Beginning today all players who have their Twitch Account linked to their Klei Account will be able to get drops when watching a DST stream on Twitch. These items are exclusive loyal items exclusive to Twitch.tv. These items will drop on any DST stream where the streamer has linked their Twitch account to their Klei Account. This is available today.

We wanted to get this going as soon as possible so we can make use of Twitch drops and Klei Accounts in future content plans.

The Holiday Events Return

Speaking of future content plans,With a few new Tricks and Treats, Hallowed nights returns in October. We’ll post more info about the details and an exact date soon.

With that, we kick off the holiday season event schedule. Returning this year with all holiday events including Winter’s Feast and Lunar New Year.

The Return of The Forge

Coming later this year, The Forge Returns bigger and better than ever with new items, creatures and community driven goals. You can look forward to more information about the return of The Forge as we get closer to release, but we wanted to let you know that it’s coming.

Today’s update.  

Today’s update is entirely a Quality of Life update. We wanted to get in some changes and fixes for some issues we want corrected before we focus entirely on this coming round of event content.

We’re adding in some server filtering options to allow players to hide bad server names, we now have special flagging for servers that are official Klei Servers. We’ve also made a big change to the main menu that now includes important news and announcements about DST.

We found that during recent events that not as many players were aware of announced content as we would to have liked. In an effort to make sure more people see this information we will be showing it in the main menu area. We’ll make sure that all important news that players should be aware of is posted in there so you know what’s coming up for the game.

And Beyond:

I am sure many of you have question about what’s really next for DST. We’re not ready to announce that juuust yet. But suffice it to say – things are happening.



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