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Hamlet Beta Signups! [NOW CLOSED]

Hey everybody, KLEI is so close. Hamlet Closed Beta is right around the corner!

Registration is now closed!

For more information, check out the FAQ and sign up on our original forum post: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/96300-hamlet-beta-signups/


Hey everybody. Just a quick update.

KLEI is not going to be sending out emails. KLEI decided it would take too long to sync up the emails and the granting of the game in steam. So KLEI  is going to just start letting people in by granting access in steam.

So. If you signed up and you own DS on steam, you will be getting into the beta.

HOWEVER – this process takes some time, so once it starts, don’t get scared if you are not in right away, it’s going to take several hours to let everybody in. KLEI have not started this part yet – KLEI needed to make some adjustments that are taking longer than anticipated.

But I wanted to let you all know because I know that you’re “patiently” waiting for everything to start.

I will inform you all here when access starts going out and I will let you know when the last person is added.



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