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Space Industry Upgrade Available Now!

After their first exciting foray into space the Duplicants have been eager to learn more about the universe in which they live. Their dedicated space research has brought on a wave of technological innovation, and using the rocketry advancements now at their disposal the Duplicants can fly further into the unknown than ever before. They might even bring some strange new things back for their trouble!

Introducing: Oxygen Not Included – Space Industry Upgrade!

What’s New?

An expanded starmap means Duplicants can venture even further out into space, reaching far off locations until now unseen where several powerful new materials are waiting to be collected.

Key Features

New Rocketry options for more ways to get into space

  • Steam Engine and Liquid Hydrogen Engine for increased rocket power
  • Solid Fuel Thrusters to improve rocket thrust
  • Research Modules to gather research data from space

Expanded Space Destinations with rare materials

  • Larger space map
  • New destination types
  • Space research, which reveals artifacts and materials

New surface-dwelling creature

  • Shove Vole can now be found on the surface, munching Regolith and waiting for your love!

Advanced material fabrication pushes the limits of physics

  • New Molecular Forge converts rare materials into industrial supermaterials
  • New Thermium, used as an industrial super conductor material
  • New industrial-grade Insulation
  • New Fullerene-based Super Coolant
  • Gelatinous, kinetic energy-dampening Visco-Gel

Jet Suits enable extreme Duplicant mobility

  • Duplicants take to the air in new Jet Suits!
  • Jet Suit Checkpoints and Lockers added for Jet Suit management

Revised late-game research

  • Telescopes can now analyze Starmap destinations
  • Research Modules produce Data Banks during rocket missions
  • New Virtual Planetarium turns Data Banks into research

Rocketry automation allows for larger, more dynamic spaceports

  • Command Modules are now automatable
  • Space Scanners can signal incoming rockets as well as detect meteor showers

And more!

  • Neural Vacillator recharges
  • Robo-Miner buildings for automatic digging
What’s Next?

As mentioned in the previous update, we will be shifting gears for the next while. Please read the Updated Roadmap[forums.kleientertainment.com] for full details and discussion!

Thank you to everyone who participating in our open testing branch, we hope you enjoy your improved journeys to space!

As always you can head over to the official forums for full update notes and info. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/137-oxygen-not-included-latest-content-update/

HOTFIX 290261
  • Neural Vacillator can now be assigned after it has been recharged
  • Various Spacemap strings are now localizable
  • Update official Russian translation
  • All important properties of Dupe returning from space should be restored when they leave the rocket
  • Voles can no longer be Entombed
  • Updated text for Spacemap
  • Fix crash when Voles die
  • Fix broken Database links on seeds
  • Liquid Reservoir meter properly shows as empty when it is empty
  • Fix crash that could occur when unlocking Database entries
  • Updated Gas Bottler sound effects
  • New sounds for Auto Miner
  • Fix crash when Dupes tried to have a conversation about being an astronaut
HOTFIX 290443
  • Update Space Research center art
  • Shov Voles can no longer move through doors, mesh and airflow tiles made of refined metals
  • Destroying a rotated door no longer allows digging tiles that shouldn’t be dug
  • Critters and Plants can once again be returned from Space Missions
  • Fix crash when starting the game with a small render target size
  • Add Liquid reservoir sounds
  • Updated Shov Vole animation and art
  • Pathfinding runs a little bit faster



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