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Space Industry Upgrade Available Now!

After their first exciting foray into space the Duplicants have been eager to learn more about the universe in which they live. Their dedicated space research has brought on a wave of technological innovation, and using the rocketry advancements now

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Rocketry Upgrade

Since breaking through the surface of the asteroid our Duplicants have developed a curiosity for the endless cosmos that exists outside their little space rock. That’s right, the Duplicants have begun developing their very own space

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Expressive Upgrade – Available Now!

Though originally thrown together by cruel cosmic circumstance, the Duplicants of the colony have weathered incredible hardships together and come out the other side as stronger friends for it. Armed with their new talents of self awareness,

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Ranching Upgrade Mark II Release

Out in space there's an old saying; "happiness is a warm Hatchling". Well, today there's more than enough happiness to go around in a certain little asteroid! Ranchers who have long enjoyed caring for the special critters of the colony have

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